Quick Overview

KEMIKO® Easy Shine is a waterbased acrylic polymer mop-on wax that provides protection against scuffs and marring while providing a deep rich shine. Extremely easy to apply, Easy Shine protects and extends the life of your sealer while enhancing the overall finished appearance of your floor. KEMIKO® Easy Shine can be used over sealers and KEMIKO® Industrial Coatings which include Epoxies, Aliphatic Urethanes and Polyaspartics.

Benefits Include:
• Easy Application
• Economical
• Breathable Water Repellent Finish
• Easy Recoat
• Low Odor
• Soap and Water Clean Up

Commonly Found In:
• Restaurants
• Commercial Kitchens
• Grocery Stores
• Showroom Floors
• Residential

Easy Shine Mop-On Wax

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