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KEMIKO® CLEAR-A-THANE is a waterborne, water viscosity, single component, acrylic urethane polymer that offers low VOC, is very user friendly and is formulated to seal concrete to provide resistance against water, alkali, acids, UV Light, and staining. Kemiko Clear-A-Thane is available in both clear gloss and satin finish, forming a non-yellowing interior/exterior protective coating. Kemiko Clear-A-Thane is applied to properly prepared concrete and utilized as a resilient protective finish coat over Kemiko Stone Tone Stains and Rembrandt Polymer Stains. Typical applications include: commercial and residential cement floors, hospitals, showroom floors, schools, shopping malls, patios, walkways and many other interior/exterior floor surfaces that require additional protection. Excellent replacement product for high VOC lacquers, acrylics and varnishes. It cures fast to a hard resilient film with excellent flow properties.

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