Quick Overview

KEMIKO® SS2700 is a user friendly, waterborne, universal, high solids, HDI cured two component product and can be applied to concrete, plaster, wood, FRP, GFRC and metals. KEMIKO® SS2700 is also used as a protective finish coating over KEMIKO® water base epoxies, KEMIKO® acid stains and STA-CRYL 47 Acrylic for optimum corrosion resistance.

Benefits Include:
• Excellent UV Resistance Suitable for Exterior Applications
• Excellent Abrasion and Chemical Resistance
• LEED Compliant
• Low Odor – Low VOC
• Easy Clean Up
• Available in High Gloss (clear and pigmented), White and Satin

Commonly Found In:
• Commercial Cement Floors
• Steel and Concrete Storage Tank Exteriors
• Airplane Hangars
• Hospital Walls and Floors
• High Traffic Industrial/Commercial Areas


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