Kemiko acid stains and sealers have been used by architects, builders, designers, and specifiers for over 75 years.

Since 1930, Kemiko's product line of quality acid stains, sealers, and architectural coatings have offered the best color reliability and permanence. Through the years Kemiko has helped bring decorative concrete into the mainstream.

"Kemiko Concrete Acid Stain Bides the Test of Time"
Famous Jackson Lake Lodge
Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
Stained with Kemiko Stone Tone Malay Tan, Brown, and Black Acid Stain in 1956

Kemiko - 1956

Kemiko - 2005

The above two photographs show that through sub-zero winters and summer sun, Kemiko Concrete Acid Stain provides permanent, maintenance-free color on the concrete walls of the Jackson Lake Lodge nestled at the base of the Grand Teton Mountains.



Commercial tilt-up project
Jackson, WY - 2005
Kemiko Cola and Malay Tan Acid Stains

Library tilt-up project
St. George, UT - 2005
Kemiko Cola, Malay Tan, and Green Lawn Acid Stains

The above two photographs show examples of the application of Kemiko Concrete Acid Stain in two different Commercial Tilt Wall projects.

“Kemiko remains steadfast in the building and decorative concrete industry.”